Thursday, May 28, 2009

BALKAN BEAT BOX - Friday June 12th, 2009 @ Techno-Tribal

Take the rooster crowing in Balkan Beat Box's debut album as a wake up call - rise and shine soon-to-be pleased partygoers of Techno-Tribal 2009, it's a guarantee that Friday's headliner is going to keep you far from your comfy bed, keep you dancing like an elated monkey…keep you smiling as you say "Ah hell yes!" - Balkan Beat Box is off the chain.

Techno-Tribal has hosted Muytator in years past; Balkan Beat Box is the world beat version of Muytator. What started as a dream to combine a variety of cultures into one project has now manifested into what is Balkan Beat Box. BBB is Tamir Muskat and Ori Kaplan, two Israeli-born, seasoned NYC musicians and DJs already a part of the many other underground bands on the scene. They are joined by musicians and composers Itamar Ziegler, Dana Leong, Tomer Yosef, Ben Handler, Eyal Talmudi, Peter Hess, Uri Kinrot, and Jeremiah Lockwood. Together they become a high-energy block party.

Balkan Beat Box is all-inclusive world music. They credit their sound to being from Israel and growing up in the Middle East, as well as years of touring in New York. They are Balkan gypsy funk mixed with Middle Eastern rhythm; they combine sounds of the Mediterranean with sounds of Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel and others; they use the power of their vocals, guitars, drums, electronics, turntables, horns and even a clarinet. They put "World" into World Music.

Get perspective on what Balkan Beat Box is all about in this telling interview and live footage, where they talk about fitting in with the group of NYC musicians who are in the process of creating their own "new immigrant music" that falls outside of what is commercial and part of the corporate music industry.

Prep yourself for the intensity,, and get ready to say WOW - Friday, June 12th, at Techno-Tribal's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration.

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