Friday, June 5, 2009


One thing I love about this year's Techno-Tribal line-up is that many of our performers are not only awesome musicians, but they also have intriguing backgrounds as people, too. Matisyahu is no exception.

Matisyahu is a reggae artist, rapper, and sometimes beat-boxer extraordinaire. He will take the stage at Techno-Tribal this year shortly after midnight Saturday night. Why after midnight you might wonder? Matisyahu is a devout Hasidic Jew and therefore unable to perform Friday night through Saturday in observation of the Jewish Sabbath. Hasidic Judaism is a fascinating and complex religion; I suggest looking into the religion's philosophies further if it is unfamiliar to you. It is also one of the key aspects that sets Matisyahu apart in the reggae scene. It will be a pleasure to have such a unique musical figure on our Techno-Tribal stage in the wee hours of the morning.

Matisyahu's religion, race, style and music have all caused media interest and sometimes media frenzy as he has grown more and more popular. But Matisyahu steadily continues on the path he is on both spiritually and musically, also gaining him a lot of respect from many.

Born Mathew Miller , Matisyahu in speech sounds like a man from New York. However when you hear him sing he carries a Jamaican dialect. Matisyahu attributes this to his listening to Bob Marley growing up and being inspired by the music he was hearing; so much so that when Matisyahu started singing it was a natural dialect for him to mimic in his music.

Other attention Matisyahu gets is for his awesome beat-boxing, which he attributes to growing up listening to 90s hip hop. Check out these great interviews to get a deeper perspective on Matisyahu as a person and his music.

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