Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm realizing how much I've mentioned God in the last few posts. Speaking of, due to religious reasons, Matisyahu took the stage as soon as possible after midnight Saturday night. It was quite a site to see him stand on the Wobble Factory's speakers rapping to a crowd of young boys singing every lyric. Legend Killah Priest joined him as Matisyahu beat-boxed to a delighted crowd.

It's the end of a two-night run, and Techno-Tribal's 10-year anniversary. If epic proportions is what we promised, I can say we got them, from the stage decor, to the dancers, to the aerial displays, to the performers giving each song everything they've got. I literally did not see one performer give a half-ass performance tonight. Not one. All were great. All were on fire. Tonight was/is/gonna still be, incredible.

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