Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday Night Throw Down in Harmony Hall

Merging people and musical movements Mystic Beat Lounge ramps up its game with a massive Friday night throw down in Harmony Hall that marks the inception of the next big wave of sound from the underground dance scene, Dubstep and Glitch. Laying down some formidable seismic trills of bass rolls will be the Wobble Factory sound system backed by a front line of subwoofers delivering a salvo of sound unleashed by the creative forces of four up-and-coming producers whose muse is rewiring and redefining the underground: Ana Sia; uniting the best elements of dirty dubstep, grimy glitch, and her personalized blend of "global slut psy-hop," Mimosa; who takes the listener on a space age psychedelic journey of bittersweet ecstasy , Ill Gates; an emerging moniker, and Marty Party; whose live performance is an intense journey and true “crunky” and "hyphy" experience like no other. Opening support comes from two of Sonoma counties hardest working local beatsmiths Dr. Dylan and iNi, with production support by Double D and Groove Garden forces.

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