Sunday, May 30, 2010

Liquid Fire Mantra Ritual Theater

"Believe in the power of art to inspire and create a harmonic frequency in the world." No other fire dance troupe is as multi-dimensional as Liquid Fire Mantra. Every performance features mesmerizing fire arts, dramatic video projection, and innovative theatrical dance combined with live poetry story telling that engages the heart, mind and soul. Their all new show is entitled, "Dreams – a living canvas to manifest our imagination in to reality." In it LFM brilliantly fuses fire, dance, theatre, masks, and circus into a passionate and memorable performance. Founded in Ashland, Oregon in 1997 by Forest Schrodt, this amazing dance troupe has performed world wide at most all of the major festivals and music events as well as some of the hottest private parties, gaining them a reputation that is unsurpassed. Their commitment to their community sets them apart; "Ashland Oregon is our home and beloved community. We are deeply connected to the artists, healers, visionaries and everyone who leads a revolution of change. We have been serving this community as a satellite, traveling all over the world weaving the threads of our art. Linking people with inspiration from city to city, representing Ashland... We want to share with them this incredible place on the planet, Ashland and in exchange present their special gifts to create a stronger and deeper tribe." This will be a night to embrace as once again Techno-Tribal Dance merges people and movements on Saturday June 12th.

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  1. Yes, I am very excited to be able to share our new show "Dreams" with the community of Techno Tribal...and on my birthday! Come play with us and see what we call "Ritual Theater"!
    -Kandice Korves-Kaus of