Friday, May 21, 2010

Anthony Ward Brings His Floral Mastery To Techno-Tribal Dance

Anthony Ward doesn't just arrange flowers he creates innovative works of art that are as fluid and balanced as a natural landscape. He has performed alongside some of the biggest names in music including STS9, Michael Franti, Bobby McFerrin, as well as Deepak Chora reading Rumi while renowned Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechong did his magic. Jane Fonda referred to his flower creations as "a Monet Masterpiece." People are drawn to his bouquets, which some have described as "orgasms in vases." This will be Anthony Ward's debut appearance at Techno-Tribal and it's sure to amaze, excite, and mesmerize. He will be breaking ground with one of the most in demand DJ's, Tipper, who creates music for the finest sound systems; bass-fueled glitch that demands to be played at high volumes to unleash its lethal potential. With influences ranging from drum and bass, to trip- hop through downtempo electronica, Tipper has created his own eclectic brand of devastating dance-floor tracks that have been admired for being “streaks ahead” and “expertly crafted” productions, while being “frightening yet refreshing...if it doesn’t move you check for a pulse..” It doesn't get any better than this: flowers, lasers, lights and big bass. Check this out, Saturday June 12th, as it's sure to be history in the making.

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